Sharing our love for music and passion for peace

The Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland (CBOI) was established in 1995 as a peace initiative and is composed of over 100 exceptionally talented young musicians from all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. Over the past 21 years, the CBOI has played an important role in building and nurturing vital cross border and cross community relations. The CBOI is conducted by one of the UK’s most celebrated and outstanding young conductors, Mr. Greg Beardsell.

As the orchestra of first choice for National celebrations and commemorations, the CBOI had the honour of officially launching the Ireland 2016 State Commemorations with a showcase performance in Dublin on January 1st 2016.  Heather Humphreys Minister for Arts said that the CBOI sends a “powerful message about the kind of Country Ireland has become 100 years on, while also showcasing some of our most talented young people who give us hope and ambition for the future.”

CBOI has also had the honor of performing for Queen Elizabeth II at Hillsborough Castle and for USA President Barak Obama at the White House, Washington D.C. in 2016.

This internationally acclaimed and award winning youth orchestra has performed to sell out audiences at all major venues in Ireland, and many throughout the world including Carnegie Hall, New York; the Royal Albert Hall, London; Boston Symphony Hall; Chicago Symphony Hall; and the Oriental Arts Centre Shanghai where they won an international music award for “Outstanding Performance”.

The CBOI also plays a vital role in enhancing Music and Arts Education in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK through our Peace Proms programme. Peace Proms engages children in music and enriches their lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances. Over 25,000 Primary School children from different social, economic, cultural, religious and political backgrounds are actively participating in Peace Proms this year. Peace Proms makes the Arts more accessible to young people, their school, families and the wider community. Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, unity and tolerance through music.

CBOI is a registered charity in Ireland: 15714; the UK: XT22593 and the USA 260270, and is totally NOT-FOR-PROFIT.  Originally funded through EU Peace Funds, the CBOI is now self-supporting and depends on the generosity of our sponsors. We are deeply indebted to all our supporters and sponsors for helping us to bring the joy on music and peace to children, families, schools and communities throughout the world.