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The Voices of the Future

We are the voices of the future,

Not to be misheard.

For truth and harmony lives,

In every single word.

When we sing, the gift of music is brought,

And something very powerful is taught.

Not only the perfect timing, not only the perfect note,

So listen to the lyrics, hear what others wrote.

It tells us what is right and that we need to know,

That songs are sung from the heart to spread love to and fro.

We are the voices of the future,

Not to be misheard.

For truth and harmony lives,

In every single word.


Étaín McCarthy


School: Kiltale N.S.


Heal the World

The ear clenching sounds of

The defenseless children screaming,

Hangs desperately in the room.

Bombs, guns, death……

No words,

Emotional heartbreak.

Innocent people dying in a senseless war.

Desperately trying to escape.

Where is the love?


Why can’t they talk to each other?


Stop all this misery!

Lives destroyed.

Families shattered.

Kindness, friendship, peace.

No matter what, we are all in

this together.


Heal The World



by Katie Murray 6th Class

Camcloon NS


Co. Roscommon


Heal the World

It’s Christmas in Aleppo

And the only lights they see,

Are blazing rockets raining down

As they try to flee.

No twinkling lights,

No Yuletide cheer,

No talk of Santa,

Just endless fear.

No turkey stuffed,

No warm mince pies,

Just broken hearts

With tear filled eyes.

This Christmas here in Ireland,

Let’s stop and say a prayer,

For the people of Aleppo

And show them that we care.


Let’s Heal the World with love and hope,

Our Christmas gift we send

And pray that all this heartache

Will somehow finally end.


By Eve Marie Callaghan

Glenswilly N.S., Newmills, Letterkenny.


Become a Miracle

The world is not perfect,

But we can make it better,

Together we are more powerful than any weapon,

We have a chance to change ourselves.


These are the sounds no-one likes.

No more war, no more tears,

Try to forget your fears.

We must work together,

So we can make things right.


Don’t let sadness walk into the room,

And make your day a gloom.

We will never live in a perfect world,

But we must stop lives being taken by ruthless weapons.

Hope is still here,

We need to use it,

To bring joy back to this cruel world,

Even you can still make a small difference; become a miracle!


By Georgina Dillon (SS. Peter & Paul’s Catholic Primary School Mawdesley)



2VHC Harmony – Amilia Haplin

2VHC Harmony – Ellena Brady

2VHC Heal the World – Molly Doyle and Ovoke Gboboh

2VHC Peace – Hollybelle Ní Aonghusa



3HC Heal the World – Charlotte O’Connor

3HC Heal the World- Carla Greene .doc

3HC Peace – Keelin Bridgeman

3HC Peace – Lucy Robinson

3HC Peace and Friendship – Hannah Reilly

3HC Peace and Harmony – Heather Storey

3HC Peace for nine year old me – Alexandra Aherne

3HC Peace Poem – Philip Walker



Harmony – Anna Olverson-Roberts

Harmony – Ava Salmon

Harmony – Oliver Hayes

Heal the World – Chloe O ‘Malley

Heal the World – Rheanna Connell

Heal the World by Gabrielle and Katie

Peace – Aine Mooney

Peace – Amélie Palud Lenahan

Peace – Eabha Coles

Peace – Eoin Gallagher

Peace – Isobel James

Peace – Jennifer Kieran

Peace – Katie Clerkin

Peace – Patrick Behan