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Age limits / General rules


  • Applicants for CBOI must be 12 years of age by 1st January in the year of joining the CBOI.
  • Adult members are for tour purposes considered to be those aged 21 years or over.
  • CBOI reserves the right of admission under all circumstances.
  • CBOI reserves the right to make exceptions to age limits and regulations.



  • All existing / returning members must re-apply for every season through our database. Members should:
    • Read and accept all Conditions of Membership.
    • Complete and sign the Medical Form (which will be emailed to you), and upload it to the Database.
    • Upload your most recent exam results to the Database.
    • Pay the annual Administration Fee of €100 (€150 for families).
    • Re-application and payment is due by 31st May Annually.

Payment methods

  1. BANK TRANSFER: Please forward proof of payment to

Bank of Ireland, Clanbrassil St. Dundalk, Co. Louth

Account Name: Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland Ltd

IBAN: IE67BOFI90336594558979

Swift Code: BOFIIE2D

  1. CHEQUE OR POSTAL ORDER made payable to the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland. Please post or leave to CBOI Office: Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland, Room P1175, Carroll Building, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
  2. Using the DONATE option on Please forward proof of payment to


Required minimum standard:

1st Violin, 1st Flute, 1st Oboe, 1st Trumpet, 1st Trombone

  • Minimum requirement is Grade 8 with Merit from RIAM or ABRSM

2nd Violin, 2nd Flute, 2nd, 2nd Oboe, Trumpet, 2nd Trombone, 1st Clarinet, 1st Bassoon

  • Minimum requirement is Grade 5 with Merit from RIAM or ABRSM

3rd Violin, 3rd Trumpet, 3rd Trombone, 2nd Clarinet, 2nd Bassoon

  • Minimum requirement is Grade 3 with Merit from RIAM or ABRSM

Cello, Double Bass, Tuba, Saxophone, Percussion and Harp

  • Minimum requirement is Grade 4 with Merit from RIAM or ABRSM

*CBOI reserves the right to make exceptions to minimum standard requirement.



  • Ordinarily, there is no audition for entry to the CBOI. However, if there are an exceptional number of applicants for places in a particular section, applicants/re-applicants/existing members may be auditioned and places awarded accordingly.
  • Members may be auditioned at intervals to ensure they are placed correctly within the Orchestra.
  • Members may wish to audition at appointed times in order to change section within the Orchestra. These auditions will take place in order to ensure balance in orchestral sections. Members will be notified if these auditions are taking place.
  • Any attempt to influence the outcome of auditions will disqualify the applicant.
  • If a new leader is being appointed, members of the violin sections may audition.
  • Leaders are ordinarily appointed for one season in the first instance. The CBOI reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule


Availability and Commitment

The strength of the CBOI for has been in the dedication and commitment of our members and families, this is something we value greatly and must strive to maintain. We congratulate the huge number of our members who have 100% attendance at all rehearsals, workshops and concerts each year! This has resulted in the extremely high performance standard of our Orchestra.

  • Players will not receive permission to be absent on any day or for any part of a rehearsal, workshop, course or tour.
  • Orchestra members are given ample notification of the schedule of rehearsals, workshops and concerts, including rehearsals on the day of a concert. CBOI reserves the right to make changes to dates if necessary. Players are asked to carefully consider the schedule before confirming their availability.
  • Members who have 4 absences from rehearsals / performances / workshops, without relevant medical certification will lose their place in the CBOI.
  • If you miss more than 1 hour of a rehearsal/workshop or performance, this is deemed an absence.
  • If players cannot commit to the full schedule of rehearsals, workshops, performances and tours, they should not apply to join/re-join the CBOI.
  • Members who break their commitment, may lose their place in the CBOI permanently.
  • SPECIAL CONCESSIONS 1 – Members in a Senior Exam Year: All members are expected to participate in every concert without exception. However, if you are in a SENIOR EXAM YEAR, and feel you need a slightly reduced rehearsal schedule, please contact us directly, in advance of the New Season. We will try to facilitate you as best we can. If we do not hear from you in advance of the New Season, we will presume you have considered the schedule and are able to fully commit to all workshops, rehearsals, concerts and concert tours.
  • SPECIAL CONCESSION 2 – Musicians Who Have Been a Member of CBOI For 10 Years or More: Musicians who have been fully committed members of the CBOI for 10 years or more and who have extenuating circumstances but wish to remain in the CBOI, may request a slightly reduced rehearsal schedule. These members should contact us directly in advance of the New Season. These members must commit to the full performance schedule.
  • SPECIAL CONCESSION 3 – Adult Members: The CBOI accepts members from all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. Although the majority of members are between the ages of 12 and 24years, we also consider applications from accomplished adults who would value the exceptional rehearsal and performance opportunities provided by the CBOI. All adult orchestral instrumentalists may apply. New applicants should be in a position to join from August of each year. The CBOI reserve the right the make exceptions in all cases.


Rehearsal and performance

  • Members must accept rules concerning group discipline while under rehearsal and performance or in residence. These are based on common sense, safety, consideration for others and the requirements of performance.
  • Members perform in public as members of the orchestras at the discretion of the CBOI. Where they are not up to standard for any reason during the courses, they may be sent home. The decision of the management will be final.
  • Mobile phones must be fully switched off during all rehearsals and should never be brought on stage.
  • High caffeine drinks like Red Bull, Monster etc are completely banned. Soft drinks and sweets are banned during rehearsals and performances and intake should be very limited at all other times.
  • Players must have their music printed off, in order inside a protective folder and bring a soft pencil for marking music and erasers at every rehearsal.
  • The policy of the CBOI is to conduct closed rehearsals. No-one is permitted to attend rehearsals without invitation. CBOI will ask anyone without an invitation to leave.
  • All players are expected to be able to work during rehearsals and to perform to the highest level.


All Members must:

  • Sign a registration book/sheet on arrival at rehearsals/concerts/events
  • Always make sure a member of staff is informed if they are unable to attend an individual rehearsal/event or will be late* for any reason.
  • Submit forms for CBOI membership/medical information/dietary information etc. which have been signed by their parents/carers to the office by the relevant deadline in advance of attending rehearsals/events
  • Be aware of the physical boundaries of the property where the rehearsal/workshop takes place and never leave them without permission from a member of staff during the course. At rehearsal workshops at break times there is the opportunity to for members to go to the local shop. This is unsupervised and members who have permission to go are advised to go in pairs. Parents who do not want their child to go to the shops may opt out of this activity by advising CBOI Management in writing.
  • Not consume alcohol, drugs or smoke while participating at rehearsals and on tour, in keeping with civil law
  • Not engage in rough play
  • Not use inappropriate language

* Any more than an hour late to rehearsal, will be considered as an absence.


In residence and on tour

  • Members may not leave rehearsal, workshop or concert venues without permission. At rehearsal workshops at break times there is the opportunity to for members to go to the local shop. This is unsupervised and members who have permission to go are advised to go in pairs. Parents who do not want their child to go to the shops may opt out of this activity by advising CBOI Management in writing.
  • Damage caused to property whether in residence during rehearsal periods or on tour must be paid for by those responsible.
  • Members are not allowed to change bedrooms without permission for security reasons.
  • Member Under 21 are NOT permitted to consume Alcohol or frequent the residence bar.

Members Under 21 on tour must be in their own bedroom at the designated time each evening.

  • Members must adhere strictly to tour / workshop itineraries and may not deviate without sanction from CBOI management.
  • Quiet must be observed in bedrooms after midnight in public and private accommodation in order to allow others who are asleep or who wish to sleep to rest undisturbed.
  • No member under 21 years is allowed to leave the designated hotel of residence while on tour without written permission from their parents. Permission must be pre-agreed with CBOI Manager before the commencement of the tour.
  • Members not staying in the same hotel accommodation as the rest of the group, are not permitted to frequent the residence bar of said hotel, or to visit rooms of other Orchestra Members.



  • Members participate in CBOI workshops, courses and tours at their own risk. Parents / guardians of players under 18 and adult members (those over 18) must arrange that instruments are insured under all circumstances including travel.
  • Players should not bring valuables to workshops or on tour and should name personal property.
  • Parents/guardians of players under 18 and adult players must ensure that instruments are packed in appropriate hard cases. Gig bags are not acceptable. Cellos must be brought on courses in hard cases.
  • On tour, members are expected to use transport provided otherwise the CBOI is not responsible for transport arrangements.
  • Members who need glasses to read music must carry spare glasses.
  • Administration fees and tour fees are non-refundable except in the cases of certified medical illness. The amount refunded is at the discretion of the CBOI.
  • Members of the CBOI Under 21 years, may not purchase or consume alcohol or un-prescribed drugs at any time.
  • No member may bring alcohol or un-prescribed drugs into buses, bedrooms, rehearsal, residential or concert venues.
  • Anything that may be considered a danger to the health and safety of others may not be brought on course/tour.
  • Players aged less than 18 years may smoke in legally designated areas only if they have given the orchestra manager a letter of consent from parent/guardian. Letters will be authenticated.

Presentation of Performances

We do everything possible to ensure that the quality of our musical performance is of the highest standard. Our presentation during performances is also very important. Musicians should

  • Sit up very straight at all times
  • Watch the conductor at all times
  • Keep feet flat on the ground. Never cross your legs
  • Never chew, yawn, talk, giggle etc.
  • String players need to make sure their bowing is absolutely together
  • No food or drink should be brought on stage.


The CBOI workshops, rehearsals and concerts etc. may be photographed and audio /video recorded. All CBOI members, parents and guardians hereby agree that you/your child’s image may appear in future brochures /booklets /leaflets /posters /flyers etc and video/DVD and or TV presentations /advertisements etc.



Uniforms should be ironed and in perfect condition at all times. Uniforms should be kept on a hanger in a plastic suit bag. All items of uniform, instrument and music should have your name on it. Sorcha and Martina will take measurements from new members for uniforms. The uniform waistcoat and tie is €25, shirt is €20 and the Dress is €60



  • Black trousers, socks and shoes (shoes must be polished, no boots allowed)
  • A cream long sleeved shirt (we recommend that all members have 2 shirts)
  • CBOI gold waistcoat and matching tie


  • Floor length gold and green dress
  • Shoes are black or gold pumps
  • No/minimum make-up, no false tan, fake nails or jewellery (Except ear-rings as specified).
  • Hair back (ponytail / half ponytail / plait.


Failure to obey rules laid down by the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland may result in a member losing their place in the CBOI permanently. Failure to obey rules laid down by the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland while on tour in Ireland or abroad may result in players being sent home at their own or their parents’ expense, and/or that member losing their place in the CBOI permanently.