We are currently processing applications and will be in touch with all applicants once this is complete.
Lessons will most likely take place in Dundalk. The day and times are yet to be confirmed, however it is anticipated that lessons will commence in April.
  1. We have over 400 registrations of interest. However, we will only have the capacity to teach a maximum of 100 students.
  2. There has been a lot of interest in certain instruments for example, Violin and Cello; but very little or no interest in other instruments for example Oboe and Trombone. Lessons will only be given in instruments where there is sufficient interest.
  3. If you are selected for the programme, you may not be offered lessons in the instrument you requested.
  4. Because of the cost of the programme i.e. instrument purchase, venue rental and teaching costs, we need to make sure, as far as possible, that candidates are absolutely committed to the programme.
  5. Instruments cannot be purchased before selected candidates have been notified and have confirmed that they will participate fully in the programme. It is anticipated that lessons will commence in April and run until the end of June, recommencing in September, pending continuation funding.
This programme is particularly suited to young people who which to join the CBOI at a future date.