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We are currently liaising with all our venues as well as Government Departments and doing everything possible to ensure concerts can go ahead safely however, the high incidence of Covid-19 among school children and in the community, along with the new Omicron variant, are causing concern. In the interest of safety, all concert dates are currently under review and we have suspended the release of tickets until we have more clarity on the situation. Concerts may be rescheduled and will only proceed if legalisation allows and public health guidance clearly indicates that they can be undertaken safely


Current guidelines on singing outlined below indicate that singing in school is permitted with certain safety measures recommended. 

Ireland: Department of Education 

Singing in school is permitted however, “Choir practices/performances and music practices/performances involving wind instruments may pose a higher level of risk and special consideration should be given to how they are held ensuring that the room is well-ventilated and the distance between performers is maintained”

Northern Ireland:  Education Authority Music Service

Singing in school is permitted. “Singing within classes does not require pupils to observe social distancing, however for school choir rehearsals where pupils attend from multiple classes, all participants should observe distancing of at least 2m”

UK: Music Mark // Music UnlockedSinging in school is permitted. “We are confident that a well-managed singing lesson which follows these recommendations will create no more risk (and quite probably less) than many other subjects” The following safety measures are advised:1.     “Schedule singing sessions before a break if possible, so the empty room can be ventilated immediately afterwards. 2.     Limit singing sessions to no more than 40 minutes. Children will only actively be singing for a fraction of this, even though the time is being used in a focussed, valuable and musical way. 3.     Ventilate the room as best you can during the session. If there are higher windows, opening these provide clean air without making the room uncomfortably cold. 4.     Face all children in the same direction so that nobody is singing directly at another person’s face. It may help to offset rows, placing singers in a checkerboard pattern. 5.     Keep the dynamic (volume) down, generally to no more than mezzo piano (moderately soft). Focus on making a beautiful sound, not a loud one. 6.     Do not insist on musical-theatre levels of diction. Emphasising consonants creates additional water droplets ranging from visible to aerosol size (below 5μ) and increases risk of transmission. 7.     Project words and music onto a whiteboard if possible. If you must distribute paper copies, have children name theirs and retain it for future sessions. All state schools in England can make copies of most music under the Schools’ Printed Music Licence, which the DfE funds. 8.     Ventilate the empty room after the session for a good fifteen minutes. This is especially important if you sing in a shared space (like a school hall) and another group will use it after you. 9.     Music Mark is confident in advising the sector that its ensembles and choirs may perform within the same guidance as they rehearse, irrespective of venue” 


All venues will be well ventilated and have put rigorous hygiene and cleaning procedures in place including installing hand sanitisers at all entrances. In addition to the entry requirements implemented by specific venues, CBOI & Peace Proms intend to implement the following safety measures at workshops and concerts:

  • School pupils – CBOI & Peace Proms will hold a record of each child and Teacher / Chaperone registered to attend workshops and concerts so they can be contacted if needed for Track and Trace.
  • Teachers / Chaperones  are subject to venue entry requirements (see below) and must show proof immunity before being permitted entry to the building. This applies for both workshop and concerts. 
  • For concerts, as before, school groups will be assigned to a block and on the day of the concert we will fill the blocks from the bottom up on a first come first served basis. 


  • Risk assessments will be carried out at all venues prior to workshops and concerts.
  • Choir blocks may be subdivided into pods.
  •  Schools may be required to ensure that children aged 8 to 14 yrs take a lateral flow test prior to and on the day of workshops and concerts. Schools may be required to organise and monitor this with parents. This is also recommended for Teachers / Chaperones.
  •   Workshops and Concerts may be shortened. Live workshops may be replaced by digital workshops with the conductor.
  •  Choirs may be asked to wear masks when singing or only when not singing (except those exempt)
  • The pre-concert rehearsal may not take place, allowing for shorter time in the performance venue. This will also allow stringent cleaning in between performances.
  •  Choirs may be socially distanced however we are hoping that this will not be necessary
CBOI at RDS Simmonscourt Dublin by Anamaria Meiu © Anamaria Meiu / AM Photo Star


CBOI at M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool. All photos by Anamaria Meiu © Anamaria Meiu / AM Photo Star


Peace Proms is a Free resource and choral education project for Primary Schools. The musical programme is tailor made to ensure it is fun and engaging for children, fulfils important educational requirements, is very rewarding to teach, and the end performance is an inspirational and thrilling experience for choirs, teachers, parents and audiences alike!

Peace Proms engages children and young people in music and enriches their lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances.

Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, unity and tolerance through music.

Peace Proms is for everyone. Whether your choir is established or just starting out, Peace Proms gives your choir the once in a lifetime opportunity to: Sing with a choir of up to 3,000 children

Perform with a full symphony youth orchestra Work with one of the UK’s leading professional conductors – Greg Beardsell

Perform at top venues e.g. the M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, the RDS Dublin, WIT Arena Waterford, the SSE Arena Belfast and UL Sports Arena Limerick. Develop vocal technique, presentation and performance Experience a variety of musical styles and genres

Peace Proms Involves:

IN SCHOOL LEARNING: With their teachers, children learn up to 8 songs or medleys in different genres. Schools are provided with a downloadable choir packs, and rehearsal tracks.

REGIONAL WORKSHOPS: Each school participates in ONE regional workshop which will take place in November during school hours and is given by renowned conductor Greg Beardsell.

PEACE PROMS CONCERT: All schools perform with the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland and a host of top soloists in ONE concert which will take place in Spring 2022

Peace Proms is recommended for children ages 8 – 12yrs:

Republic of Ireland Schools – 3rd Class & upwards

Northern Ireland Schools – P4 & upwards

UK Schools – Key Stage 2 & upwards US Schools – 3rd Grade & upwards (Remote or US concerts only)

We will continue to monitor Government advice and will adjust our plans in whatever way necessary to enable us to perform live, while ensuring the safety of our CBOI & Peace Proms community. 

CBOI at RDS Simmonscourt Dublin by Anamaria Meiu © Anamaria Meiu / AM Photo Star