We have been carefully monitoring evolving Government guidance in relation to COVID-19 for many months, as well as examining research and advice for performing groups including orchestras and choirs.  We have also been continually liaising with management at our venues, medical experts, school principals and other stake holders. 

Based on the information we currently have, and in order to protect our Peace Proms community from the spread of COVID-19, we have taken the necessary decision to suspend all planned Peace Proms live choir workshops and performances until further notice.

At the moment it is difficult to envisage being able to safely hold live Peace Proms workshops or concerts during this academic year. However, we will continue to monitor Government and Health guidance with will not rule out the possibility of holding a live performance/performances towards the end of the school year.

In the meantime…….


Peace Proms will remain a FREE music education resource for schools. All registered schools will be given access to the 2021 Peace Proms Music Programme including sheet music, lyric sheets, rehearsals tracks – full tracks and backing tracks, and choreography.

We will release ONE song or medley per monthRegistered schools can access the sheet music, lyrics, tracks and choreography for each song through our database. We will send you notification when each song/medley is ready for you to access.

VIRTUAL PERFORMANCES –  BE PREPARED: In case it is not possible to hold live performances, we also plan to develop and host a virtual Peace Proms performance/performances before the end of the school year. We want you all to be involved in this so practice hard, be prepared, and we will keep you posted as we develop plans. In the meantime, we will remain optimistic and promiseto get back everyone back on the real stage as soon as possible in what will be a true celebration of hope and renewal.


Schools in Ireland, the UK, USA, or anywhere can take part in Peace Proms Reimagined 2021. 

Already over 500 schools have signed up with many teachers saying it is a ‘ray of hope’ and that learning the new Peace Proms songs will keep them going through these difficult times. Peace Proms Reimagined 2021is a FREE resource for schools. No matter where you are, you can take part. If you haven’t already done so, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL

Peace Proms is recommended for children ages 8 – 12yrs:

Republic of Ireland Schools – 3rd Class & upwards

Northern Ireland Schools – P4 & upwards

UK Schools – Key Stage 2 & upwards 

US Schools – 3rd Grade & upwards

Peace Proms is a Free resource and choral education project for Primary Schools. The musical programme is tailor made to ensure it is fun and engaging for children, fulfils important educational requirements, is very rewarding to teach, and the end performance is an inspirational and thrilling experience for choirs, teachers, parents and audiences alike! Peace Proms engages children and young people in music and enriches their lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances. Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, unity and tolerance through music. Peace Proms is for everyone, whether your choir is established or just starting out you can join the Peace Proms community! 

COVID-19 & SINGING: Scientific research on singing and the spread of Covid-19 is constantly evolving, and Government and Health guidelines are constantly changing as a result. In addition, Government and Health guidelines may vary between jurisdictions. Please make sure you are aware of and adhere to guidelines for singing in your jurisdiction.