Peace Proms Ireland 2016 is ideal for children between the ages of 9 and 13 years.

IRELAND 2016 PEACE PROMS CONCERT DATE – JANUARY 1, the Convention Centre Dublin

32-County Children’s Choir

The Government is committed to respecting all traditions on this island equally, and also wishes to place children and young people at the centre of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme. A 32-County Children’s Choir will play a central role in this event.

Schools wishing to participate can apply now online at

  • All Primary Schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland are invited to apply to participate in this special event.
  • The maximum number of participants from each school is 11 choir members and 1 teacher.
  • The Principal from each school will be invited to attend. (1 place)
  • Please consider very carefully before you apply. Please consult with the school Principal, Parents, Choir Director and all concerned. Please be sure that you are in a position to commit to the event before applying.

If more than one school from PROPOSED SCHEDULE FOR PERFORMERS (liable to change)

  • 8:30am CBOI arrive at CCD
  • 9:00am CBOI on stage for sound check and rehearsal
  • 9:30am Soloists
  • 11:00am Dancers
  • 12:00noon Choirs arrive at CCD and go to designated Choir Holding Area
  • 12:30pm Choirs to performance positions on stage
  • 1:00pm Choir rehearsal, with orchestra, soloists, conductor
  • 3:00pm Lunch
  • 4:30pm Choirs to stage
  • 4:45pm Orchestra to stage
  • 5:00pm CONCERT – PART 1
  • 5:55pm Interval
  • 6:15pm CONCERT – PART 2
  • 7:30pm Concert end and all depart.


  1. One World in Harmony
  2. Touch the Sky from the Movie Brave


  1. Ireland’s Call
  2. May We Never Have to Say Goodbye
  3. World in Union
  4. Imagine


  • There is no charge for participating in the project.
  • Schools are expected to cover the cost of buses to and from the concert


  • Choir members must wear a plain white long sleeved shirt/blouse (no logos) and black or navy bottoms 
(trousers for the boys, trouser or skirt and tights for the girls). No legging, jeggings or jeans.
  • On the day of the concert, choirs should arrive dressed in their choir uniform.


  • Choirs will be asked to gather in the holding area on arrival, before being directed to their performance positions.
  • The pre-concert rehearsal must start at the appointed time.
  • Choirs who anticipate lengthy travel times will need to factor in comfort breaks and allow extra time.
  • Choirs should arrive at Convention Centre dressed in their choir uniform as there are no changing facilities.
  • Coats should be collected by teachers and stored in clearly labeled bin-liners, in the holding area.
  • Choirs have a 2 hour rehearsal and 1 hour break before the concert
  • Choirs should bring a good lunches. Lunches should be in a plastic or paper bag. Try to avoid bringing Hold-Alls/Hand Bags/Carrier Bags/Ruck Sacks etc (PLEASE NOTE: Lunch arrangements may change)
  • Choirs will be directed to their performance positions 20 mins before the concert begins
  • Once the concert begins, the choirs must remain on stage at all times. Choirs may not leave the stage at the interval except where it is necessary.
  • Teachers should sit with their group for the concerts, and supervise them at all times. The recommended supervision ratio is 1 teacher to 15 students.
  • Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during the rehearsals or the concert.
  • No recording is permitted (audio or visual) of any part of the rehearsal or performance.
  • No mobile phones, bags, coats or food is allowed on stage.


  • Teachers should dress in a white blouse / shirt and black skirt / trousers – semi-formal.
  • Teachers should sit at the outside edge of the choir
  • Teachers should know all the songs and sing

Peace Proms is presented as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme. Further details and information on Ireland 2016 is available at


 The CBOI is a registered charity in Ireland the USA and the UK.

For further information, please contact:

Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland Central Office +353 4293 70494

Open 10 – 1 and 2 – 5, Monday to Friday

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